Mistakes are Magic

By Jacqueline Badeaux.

I mostly don’t like to reveal myself or anything about my “technique”, but I’d like to share some of my ideas. I hope this might encourage other people to make art with a piece of film, to not be intimidated by the medium, get to the fun part and experiment. I think people can push photography into new realms. Destroying film is a fun part of the experimental film world, and is one of the many reasons I can’t give up celluloid. 

I took this photograph with a Lomo LCA just before a storm. After I developed the roll at home, I put some of the negatives in the dirt for a week in my backyard. Normally we try to avoid scratching the surface of film, but I think that the textures add another layer to the photograph, and it tells another story. 

The second photograph is taken with a Holga Pinhole Camera. I developed at home, (haphazardly) and the bubble forms in the foreground are the result. To me, this negative is very special because it feels like another world, and maybe turns a portrait into dreamscape. 

The third was also taken with a Holga Pinhole Camera. I took a loooong exposure thru the window of a moving car. I always wondered what that would look like, and it turned out the horizon and and the clouds show just a little bit. 

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