Photographing in Winter

Now if you live in a place where during the winter months you get snow you can already relate. One of my biggest struggles is being able to go out and photograph during this time. Although its beautiful outside after a fresh snow fall the conditions aren’t the best. Its usually super cold, windy and very wet and easy to get your gear a little messed up if not cared for properly. I absolutely hate that its fully dark at 4:15 p.m. and like me most of the people Im around hate it too. Which leads to no motivation for anyone.

There are a couple of benefits to this time of year though. You have to get creative. Not all your subjects are going to want to freeze their ass off standing outside while you try to focus and get your settings right. So here is a little advice on how to work with your surroundings while photographing in winter.

Normally Ill start off around the house. See what might be an interesting scene. Maybe turn off a couple lights and make the scene a little moody.

The sun is very low during winter so almost anytime during the day you can get some great light coming into the house. This shot below was shot at 11 in the morning.

Depending on if I feel like freezing I will go out after a fresh snow and see what I can find and last winter was my most successful for some good photos.

Even though I hate winter so much It almost always helps me grow as a photographer to think a little outside of the box and work around my surroundings. So when you are stuck inside get a friend and look around for the light and an interesting scene and shoot!

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