BJP: The photography collective putting analogue in the limelight

Alice Finney / BJP – 1 November 2018

The British Journal of Photography published an article about AllFormat Collective in 2018.

Davide Padovan
Davide Padovan

Global photography collective AllFormat was conceived by Raph Hurwitz and James Moreton after they connected on Instagram in 2016. The group has since expanded to 15 photographers; has published two sold-out zines, with a third in the pipeline; and developed a loyal community of followers. The collective exists as a platform for people to share work being made on and about film. “We are an online platform that offers opportunities to other photographers who share our love of film,” says member and photographer Ioana Marinca. The group’s inclusive approach and rotating Instagram takeover opportunities create a space for film photography to take centre stage.

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