Mikael Siirilä - “I am interested in silent, contemplative images. I get pleasure from the intellectual stimulation of non-verbal concepts and impressions in photography. A good photograph demands a another look, again and again.

Nearly all my photographs are candid observations shot without directing the subjects. This purist attempt at authenticity – at paring down – engenders a meaningful and hidden personal relationship with each shot. It allows me to pursue and entertain photographic ideas anytime, anywhere.

I also value photographs as beautiful physical objects. A grainy, hand-made silver gelatin print has a sense of organic beauty to it. The sandy textures, sharp contrasts and deep blacks are a joy to behold.

The darkroom has completely changed my relationship with photography. Hasty and indecisive editing has been replaced by meticulous, all-day sessions in the darkroom. Taking photos has become more intentional and results more consistent.”



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